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When your inner critic sounds like a real jerk...

I've set myself a deadline and I've told all of you. How's that for accountability, gulp. Not surprisingly, my inner critic is making waves. He (yes, my inner critic is a he) has been saying things like:

You're making way too big a deal about this, you'll never be able to deliver the quality people are expecting now.

What if no one buys your stupid course, just like last time.

Who do you think you are thinking that you can just swoop in here and be brilliant, you're a puppy and you know nothing.

There's what you should do and then there's what works best for you

Do you ever notice that when you work by yourself you feel very different than when you work with other people, especially when they're more extroverted? Maybe you feel great working by yourself: You have your process, you get into a good flow, you feel balanced and productive. But when you work with other people, it's exhausting. The day runs away from you and you never seem to get done the things that you intended to do. People regularly tell me that they struggle to maintain energy to focus and work in an environment where they're surrounded by extroverts. 

I don't even remember if I showered or properly brushed my teeth that weekend

I used to design and make clothes for myself. One time, I was in my student apartment drawing out the design for a dress. Having been a bit of a tree-climbing tomboy growing up, college was when I started to explore girly dresses and frilly fabrics. I bought fabric and buttons at a local market and I came home on Friday evening. Cutting the pattern then sewing it together. I hand-stitched everything because I didn't have a sewing machine at the time. I made the buttonholes by hand too and stitched on all 60 buttons on the - slightly needlessly complicated - design.

I used to call myself 'a low-energy person'

“Taking on too much and not getting enough rest.”

“Balancing energy and output.”

“Maintaining energy to focus and work in an environment where I am surrounded by extroverts”

“It’s been hard this year to get enough quiet time for focused work because my spouse and dog are always here with me.”

“Overcommitting to work, and then conversely not being able to concentrate due to stress and burn out, making the work burden even heavier.”

How to set yourself up for success in your business

When you're starting out with something new, it can feel daunting. Even more today when you can basically invent a job and make money with little more than a laptop and a wifi connection. From what to eat for breakfast to which design to choose for your one-off personalized sneakers, the options are endless. If you are just starting your business you may not know where to start. Sure, you have some idea of what you will do with this business, and now what? I started my first business four years ago and I can tell you, I did not go willingly.

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