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Staying focused: About deeper values and celebrating small wins

Today, we’re talking about celebrating small wins and connecting with your deeper values.

If I had to narrow it down, this is the third thing that I believe will help you to stay focused and motivated when you’re taking on a big new challenge.

I get a lot of questions about deep values and core values. How do you know what your deep values are? How do you find your purpose?

In this episode, I share a bit of my journey to connect with my deeper values and some of the things that have helped me along the way.

Staying focused: About taking time to reflect

Many introverts feel like they're overthinking things all the time.

Not taking action quickly enough because you're in our head too much. Missing opportunities because you don't feel ready to grab them yet.

Does that sound like you? It was me for a long time.

What I've learned is that self-reflection is a key part of an introvert's natural process. We NEED to go through this process to make decisions (we can be proud of!) and to formulate our thoughts and ideas (and take action on them!)

Staying focused: About setting priorities

How do you decide which activities to focus on when you can go in any direction with your business?

As a young entrepreneur, the idea that I can go in any direction I want can be both liberating and overwhelming. It’s very easy to loose focus and to start drifting. You may wake up one day and realize that you’ve been doing less and less of the things that really spark that joy in you. The things that got you excited about running your own business in the first place.

Writing to you from a little house named “Go with the flow”

I’m writing this as I’m watching the sun rise.

Soon, ships the size of a small flat, will start to make their way back and forth along the river in front of me. Hauling their cargo to and from the port in Rotterdam.

We’re celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. We’re staying in a little house appropriately named “Go with the flow”. The huge glass doors in front of me open up onto a wooden deck towering above the river. You really experience the changing seasons up close and personal here.

About the final round of Energy management for ambitious introverts

This year, I’m teaching the course Energy management for ambitious introverts for the last time.

In this week's podcast episode, I'll tell you more about who this course is for and what makes it different from some of the things that you might have learned before?

What you'll learn:

✅ Who this course is for

✅ Why most of what we learn isn't tailored to the introvert's natural process

✅ Why this is the last time I'm offering this course

3 habits for introvert to find energy, joy, and calm in their work (and life!)

I gave 9 trainings in the past 9 months and this was the last one!

So many lessons learned over the past months 😳 (but that will have to wait for another time). 

For now, please help me celebrate this milestone just as I'm also celebrating 2 years of my coaching business 🙌 

In this weeks podcast episode, I talked about why I created this training.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

✅ About my holistic approach to productivity

✅ Why I created this training

Introvert, extrovert, ambivert: what does it mean?

Have you ever wondered if you're an introvert? Or maybe you feel that you’re more of a mix of introvert and extrovert?

I regularly get messages from people saying that they recognize themselves a lot in my social media posts but that they’re not quite sure if they’re an introvert or not.

What's the deal with quiet time?

What's the deal with quiet time?

If you identify as an introvert, you probably know what quiet time is... and you probably feel like you're not getting enough of it...

We often feel like quiet time is a luxury. 

It's something that we indulge in and that we really shouldn't need. A lot of introverts feel like something's wrong with them for needing quiet time.

In this week's podcast episode, I talked about what's the deal with quiet time (you can find it on your favorite podcast app). 

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