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Coaching and courses for introverted entrepreneurs

Is this for you?

Discover what YOU need to achieve the things that matter to you. 

Imagine this. You’re focused on your work and it feels easy. You’re getting a lot done and you’re adding real value to the people around you. You’re clear on your goals and you’re steadily making progress toward them. At the end of the day, you’re happy with your progress and you feel energized.

To a lot of people, this sounds like a fairy tale. Maybe you’re struggling with fatigue, stress, or overwhelm right now. Maybe you find that you’re constantly overcommitting to work and that you feel busy all the time. A lot of us are missing a sense of alignment and balance between our work and the life we want to live.

Together, we’ll discover what you need to achieve the things that matter to you. When you discover and make space for the way YOU work best, your output and your impact increase in a natural way without forcing yourself.

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This month's free masterclass

Free monthly masterclass with Mariella Franker, PhD

This year, I'll be giving a free masterclass each month. There's a different topic each month and the goal is to share ideas and practical tools that you can explore to become productive in a way that feels natural to you. Have a look at what this month's masterclass is about. 


Preparing to write in my notebook | Mariella Franker, PhD

Read Mariella's latest blog. Every week, she shares personal stories and business lessons as she navigates life as an introvert and mom while running her business from home. 

Work with me

Are you looking for help with
  • Managing your time and your energy.
  • Prioritizing and staying focused.
  • Procrastinating and taking action.
then I might be able to help.

Schedule a 40-minute exploration call to talk about your productivity questions and to see if there's a match for us to move forward.

Mariella Franker, PhD | Natural productivity coach for introverts


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