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Mini-course: Energy management for ambitious introverts

It’s quite common to feel like you don’t have enough time or energy to achieve the things you want. While many of us feel like lack of time is our biggest issue to get things done, for most introverts, a bigger problem is that they're not getting enough rest and quiet time to focus and to feel centered throughout their day. They become depleted and they don't have enough energy to do the things they want.

Mini-course: Energy management for ambitious introverts | The Franker Message


Busy introverting mug | Image by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

Many introverts feel like being an introvert is holding them back in some way. Maybe you believe that being introverted somehow creates a barrier to your success. I want to help you realize that there are probably a lot of things that you naturally do that add a lot of value to the world. But because these things come so naturally to you, you may not fully realize just how valuable they are.

Naturally productive

Productivity coaching for introverted entrepreneurs

Imagine this. You’re focused on your work and it feels easy. You’re getting a lot done and you’re adding real value to your customers. You’re clear on your goals and you’re steadily making progress towards them. At the end of the day you actually feel energized.

This is not a fairy tale. It’s a reality for many introverted entrepreneurs and it can become your reality too.

Sounds impossible? It can become your reality. When you set your own priorities and your own goals. When you work with your introverted nature rather than against it. And when you design your environment and your routines such that they support your natural way of working. Being productive becomes easy.

“Being naturally productive as an introvert is letting go of all the expectations and tuning into your introvert superpowers”

Individual coaching

In addition to traits that all introverts share, every one of us has a natural focus, a unique way we view the world. In 1-to-1 coaching, we discover what your natural focus is and how you can tune into it to reach your goals faster.

Productivity isn’t just getting things done. It’s getting the things done that matter to you.

“Do you feel somewhere deep down that you can add more value to the world? Do you want to have a bigger impact, but you feel stressed by the daily needs of your business?”

“Do you feel like you’re forced into an “extraverted mold” when you interact with other people?”

“Are you good at working hyper focused, but then find yourself completely drained by the end of the day?”

Many introverts don’t understand their own introverted character and believe the misconceptions that exist around introversion, such as introverts are bad communicators or they aren’t good leaders.

When you understanding your introverted character and design your life to support it, you will reach your goals faster and stress free.
The full image starts with a single piece - Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

How does it work?

We will have a call every month during a 6-month coaching program. We tailer the program based on your needs and your natural focus as an introvert.

A rough outline of the program is:

  • Introductory call. Is this the right program for you?
  • First call. What is your natural focus as an introvert?
  • Follow up calls. How do we tune into your natural focus to reach your goals faster?
  • Try it out. Make small stress-free changes and explore the effects.
  • We discuss. What doesn’t work and what can we build on?

Do you want to know if this is the right program for you? Set up a ­free introductory call.

Raise your hand if you have a question - Photo by Analia Baggiano on Unsplash

Your coach

Mariella Franker | Natuurlijke productiviteitscoach

Hi! I’m Mariella.

I’ve worked in different field where I could stretch my productivity muscles. At one time in my career I set up a medical report series with the help of a small team and published about 30 reports in one year.

With my knowledge about introversion, productivity, and purpose-full living, I now help other introverts to thrive in their business.

My style as a coach is explorative and practical. I believe that introverts can thrive once they learn to push themselves while staying within their introverted comfort zone. First you need to know what YOU need, then you choose the practical tools to help you get there.

Do you want to know if my coaching program is right for you? Set up a free introductory call.

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