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Are you looking for help in any of these areas? Schedule a free exploration call to talk about your productivity questions and to see if there's a match for us to move forward. 

Procrastinating and taking action

We all get stuck from time to time. We don’t know which direction to follow up or what's the most important thing to do next. Sometimes, we know what to do but we have trouble being consistent with workflows and daily routines. We procrastinate and our progress suffers.

A common complaint among introverts is that we “overthink” things. We take too long to make decisions and constantly turn things over in our heads. Because of this, we think that we’re less capable of great things, that we miss good opportunities, or that we’re just procrastinating all the time. 

Prioritizing and staying focused

We lead busy lives. We spend a lot of time online and juggling work with our private lives. On top of that, there are endless options to choose from when running your own business. And if you have an online business, you may feel pressure to be visible all the time, to keep up with social media alongside taking care of your business, your health, and your loved ones. 

Managing your time and your energy

So few of us make enough space for quiet time and reflection. We take on too much and feel like taking time off is a luxury we can't afford right now. As a result, we run out of energy quickly, we experience many ups and downs in our energy levels, or we feel overwhelmed because we’re not getting enough done. When this goes on for too long, we deplete our energy and become overworked or burned out. 

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