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Am I settling for something I don't want just because it seems easier?

I went to the dentist the other day (I know my life is absolutely fabulous πŸ˜†). Don't worry, there won't be anything grueling in here involving a drill. It was just a check-up and it was actually just fine. But that was the thing. It was fine - at best -. One might argue that it was less than fine. Okay, I'm not living in some fantasy world where we all skip down to the dentist whistling our favorite tune. Going to the dentist is one of those musts we can't really get around if we want healthy teeth. But still, does it have to be fine (at best)?

Procrastination: The benefit of a simple practice to gently put aside procrastination

I used to be a perfectionist. My perfectionism led to crippling procrastination in the past and a lot of (what in hindsight I can only call) self-sabotage. Like when I tried to learn "how to be an entrepreneur" off the internet for nearly a year while I was unemployed and before I started my first business 4 years ago. Or how I tried to learn about marketing and messaging by reading blog after blog but never sent out a single social post or email myself.

Do you talk to your brain?

Do you talk to your brain? (Trus me, it's not weird to do that πŸ˜†). "Okay, the introduction page for the mini-course is done. So, what's next?" (That's me talking to my brain btw πŸ˜†)

For some of you, starting with the introduction page is perfectly logical, but I also have a bunch of people in my online community that think this is backward. It's actually not.

Begin with the end in mind - Stephen Covey.

When your inner critic sounds like a real jerk...

I've set myself a deadline and I've told all of you. How's that for accountability, gulp. Not surprisingly, my inner critic is making waves.Β He (yes, my inner critic is a he) has been saying things like:

You're making way too big a deal about this, you'll never be able to deliver the quality people are expecting now.

What if no one buys your stupid course, just like last time.

Who do you think you are thinking that you can just swoop in here and be brilliant, you're a puppy and you know nothing.

I don't even remember if I showered or properly brushed my teeth that weekend

I used to design and make clothes for myself. One time, I was in my student apartment drawing out the design for a dress. Having been a bit of a tree-climbing tomboy growing up, college was when I started to explore girly dresses and frilly fabrics. I bought fabric and buttons at a local market and I came home on Friday evening. Cutting the pattern then sewing it together. I hand-stitched everything because I didn't have a sewing machine at the time. I made the buttonholes by hand too and stitched on all 60 buttons on the - slightly needlessly complicated - design.

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