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introverted superpowers

"So, what do you do?" Oh god noooo, don't talk to me, aaaaaah!

DISC training, personality assessments, negotiation courses, debate workshops, quizzes to find out "What *personality/leader/unicorn* type are you?"; I've pretty much done it all. Somewhere deep down, I used to feel that I was a bad communicator. People never seemed to "get" me and the blanc stare was an ever-present danger that needed to be avoided at all cost. Maybe that's part of the reason why I didn't like being in unknown social situations. Like me at a party when someone asks "So, what do you do?" [Oh god noooo, don't talk to me, aaaaaah!] 

To share or not to share: A 21st century dilemma of an introverted entrepreneur

"No, thank you." Imagine that this is instinctively the first reaction you have to vlogging, posting on social, going to an (online) event, or even talking with your neighbors. The very thought of aiming a camera at your own scared dear face and pressing "record" has you breaking out in sweats. When you think of pouring out your heart and soul unedited and pressing "post now" you immediately want to slam the laptop shut and grab a book so you can vicariously live through someone else's fantasy - slowly-

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