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Sometimes I wish I were more glitz and glamour.

Sometimes I wish I were more glitz and glamour. There is something awe-inspiring about it: People living that #amazing life with a millionaire nomad lifestyle. When I wrote this (in the midst of the pandemic) no one was traveling but lots of us were reliving memories of past vacations and so looking forward to when we can all travel again. But even my best memories of past vacations pale in comparison to some of the people I follow. Luxurious all-expenses paid trips to Bali by private jet, is that something I someday aspire to?

When I try to do too many things, I end up doing a mediocre job at everything

I used to write poetry and, a few years ago, I wrote a poem called More. It was about my hunger for a bigger, better, fuller life and how I worked incredibly hard to achieve it. I wanted to make something of myself and have a great career that other people would envy. I was ready to climb that corporate ladder and everything was geared toward more: Work more, get more results, become more important, make more money, just more.

Do you talk to your brain?

Do you talk to your brain? (Trus me, it's not weird to do that 😆). "Okay, the introduction page for the mini-course is done. So, what's next?" (That's me talking to my brain btw 😆)

For some of you, starting with the introduction page is perfectly logical, but I also have a bunch of people in my online community that think this is backward. It's actually not.

Begin with the end in mind - Stephen Covey.

I used to call myself 'a low-energy person'

“Taking on too much and not getting enough rest.”

“Balancing energy and output.”

“Maintaining energy to focus and work in an environment where I am surrounded by extroverts”

“It’s been hard this year to get enough quiet time for focused work because my spouse and dog are always here with me.”

“Overcommitting to work, and then conversely not being able to concentrate due to stress and burn out, making the work burden even heavier.”

To share or not to share: A 21st century dilemma of an introverted entrepreneur

"No, thank you." Imagine that this is instinctively the first reaction you have to vlogging, posting on social, going to an (online) event, or even talking with your neighbors. The very thought of aiming a camera at your own scared dear face and pressing "record" has you breaking out in sweats. When you think of pouring out your heart and soul unedited and pressing "post now" you immediately want to slam the laptop shut and grab a book so you can vicariously live through someone else's fantasy - slowly-

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