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Procrastinating and taking action

Procrastinating and taking action | Coaching and courses for introverted entrepreneurs

We all get stuck from time to time. We don’t know which direction to follow up or what's the most important thing to do next. Sometimes, we know what to do but we have trouble being consistent with workflows and daily routines. We procrastinate and our progress suffers.

A common complaint among introverts is that we “overthink” things. We take too long to make decisions and constantly turn things over in our heads. Because of this, we think that we’re less capable of great things, that we miss good opportunities, or that we’re just procrastinating all the time. 

Part of the natural working style of introverts is deep internal reflection. We need internal reflection to process the information we received and to formulate our conclusions and next action steps. When we try to move too fast too soon, we undermine this process. We freeze up or black out, our inner critic becomes very dominant, or we constantly feel anxious and overwhelmed. 

But when you recognize and make space for your natural process, an amazing shift happens. The inner critic calms down and moves to the background. You become more aware of your needs and how to make decisions in your work that are right for you. 

When you connect with your natural working style, being consistent isn't an obstacle anymore and you’re taking steps every day. You no longer feel like you’re procrastinating but you know what next steps to take.

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