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Managing your time and your energy

Managing your time and energy | Coaching and courses for introverts @thefrankermessage

So few of us make enough space for quiet time and reflection. We take on too much and feel like taking time off is a luxury we can't afford right now. As a result, we run out of energy quickly, we experience many ups and downs in our energy levels, or we feel overwhelmed because we’re not getting enough done. When this goes on for too long, we deplete our energy and become overworked or burned out. 

Energy is a major theme for introverts and stimuli-sensitive people. Because of the way introverts process information from the world around us (which is a little bit different from extroverts), we need a lot of time to reflect and to recharge. 

When we balance our work properly with rest, we can easily have enough energy and motivation to achieve the things we want. Everyone's energy needs are a bit different and what we need to recharge is a bit different too. 

In these programs, you’ll learn how to discover what you need to keep your energy up on a daily basis. You'll learn how to create your own “energy recipes” so that you have enough energy to achieve the things you want to achieve. 

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