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About me

Mariella Franker, PhD | Natural productivity coach for introverts

Today, I’m a natural productivity coach for introverts. I help introverts to achieve their business and personal goals without stress or fatigue. I run my business from home and I have a happy balance between my work and my personal life. 

When I was in my late 20s, I was working 50+ hours a week doing post-graduate work, commuting 3 hours each day on top of that and I was exhausted. I was holding on by a thread and almost burned out. 

That’s when I decided something had to change. Little by little, I started to make choices that fit better with what I needed and how I wanted to live my life. I moved to the suburbs, took a part-time job, and started my own business on the side. When my son was born, time took on an entirely new meaning and I made more changes to the way I work to fit the lifestyle I wanted. During this time, I met my mentor Marloes Bouwmeester and she showed me the power of the natural way that introverts work. 

One of the things I learned is that making changes to fit how you naturally work doesn’t have to feel difficult. It can actually feel easy if we don’t overcomplicate things but can keep it simple and take small steps. 

The reason I do my work today is to show people that who they are is valuable and that you can do things your own way. Although many of us experience it this way, being introverted is not a limitation and there is true strength there. I believe that the most impact I can have is to help these people to make small consistent steps that allow them to do their best work. 

Maybe you haven’t had a near burnout like I did, but at some point in your life, you probably felt you were holding on by a thread. We have more influence over how we experience our days than we think. Small changes can have a big effect on our life. As you start to make small changes in your life, you’ll notice a shift in how you use your introverted superpowers and how your output and your impact increase in a natural way. 

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