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Is this for you?

These are some of the questions that my clients come to me with:

  • How do I manage my time and my energy efficiently?
  • How do I balance output and energy?
  • How do I decide what to prioritize and what to do next?
  • How do I stay focused?
  • How can I stop procrastinating and take immediate action?

Many of my clients come to me with questions about how to manage their time and their energy. Energy is a major theme for introverts and people who are sensitive to stimuli. Because of the way introverts process stimuli, they need a lot of time to recharge so that they have enough energy and motivation to achieve the things they want. Sometimes they take on too much and don’t rest enough. This can cause them to feel depleted, to experience many ups and downs in their energy level and mood, or to feel like they’re never doing enough.

Others have questions about procrastination or prioritization. They feel like they’re constantly overthinking while they should be taking immediate action. It’s difficult for them to decide what the most important and urgent tasks are and sometimes fear and anxiety keep them from moving forward. Or they’re easily distracted and have trouble being consistent with workflows and daily routines. They feel like they want to do too much: They love their work, fine art, strolling through the forest, going out, taking care of the house but, unfortunately, a day has only 24 hours. Sometimes they feel that they miss opportunities or that they actually close themselves off for new opportunities because of their quiet nature.

I help people to discover what THEY need to achieve the things that matter to them. By discovering and making space for their natural working style, they increase their output and their impact in a way that feels natural to them without forcing themselves. It becomes easier to get the results they want and they can add value to the world in a way that also works for them. 

If you recognize yourself on this page and you have questions about these topics, then you may find my programs helpful. 

Read more about my programs on the Work with me page.
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