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Writing to you from a little house named “Go with the flow”

I’m writing this as I’m watching the sun rise.

Soon, ships the size of a small flat, will start to make their way back and forth along the river in front of me. Hauling their cargo to and from the port in Rotterdam.

We’re celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. We’re staying in a little house appropriately named “Go with the flow”. The huge glass doors in front of me open up onto a wooden deck towering above the river. You really experience the changing seasons up close and personal here.

It’s stormy weather today and the wind twirls and gusts around the house at 100 km per hour.

Still, inside the house it is calm.

It’s like a metaphor for what learning to work with my natural process has brought me in these few years: the calm inside despite the stormy weather outside.

However, today, it’s just as stormy inside me as the whirlwind outside the window.

Watch the video now

Watch the video now

We’re at another cross roads. What next step do I take?

I’ve tried and tested a lot of things in the past years. Some more successful than others. And it was good. Sometimes you first need to go wide - really wide - to understand what fits. And now it’s time for me to focus down again.

To really specialize and get good at one thing. To minimalize my social media presence. To work with those and only those clients for whom I can make a big difference. After all, my mantra is minimal effort, maximum result.

I’m not entirely clear on what this will look like yet or how long it will take me to get there. Hence the storm beneath the surface. But I do know that that’s the direction I’m headed in.

I also know that I can’t do it on my own. I will need help. I will need to ask for help.

I’ve had personal conversations with some of you already and I would like to speak with a few more people in this community.

I'm looking for 4 people to have a short call with to talk about what would help you to the best results in your work. If you would like to participate, please send me a direct message with “I would like to help”. 

There are no strings attached to participating and I have 3 free gift options you can choose from as a thank you. 

Have a lovely workflow today,


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