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Why you should (not) want a podcast

Why you should (not) want a podcast

P02 Why you should (not) want a podcast | Building my podcast in 6 weeks with Mariella Franker| The Franker Message

Starting a podcast probably isn't something you'd do on a whim. And it may not be the best thing for everyone. Aside from the practical things of actually making the podcast and wrapping your head around that, it's more important to take a hard look at WHY you'd want a podcast in the first place.

In this 10-minute episode, I share the reason why I'm starting my podcast and some of the things I explored along the way.

Getting to this point didn't come quickly. It took me more than a year from the first seed being planted to now getting my ducks in a row. For the longest time I didn't feel quite ready and I took A LOT of imperfect action over the past years (most of which you've seen me - painstakingly - grow through if you've been on my list for a while 😆).

The podcast was born out of my private Facebook group and it wasn't until I got really clear on the role of the podcast and 2 members of that very group finally gave me the kick in the but and the kind encouragement I needed (Thank you 😉) , that I took the plunge to get this off the ground.

In this episode, I talk why strategy day is an essential part of my week and that taking "time to think" really boosts your productivity.

What you'll learn in this 10-minute episode:

✅ Why taking "time to think" boosts productivity (especially when you're introverted)

✅ Getting clarity about the role that your podcast plays in your business

✅ Taking small, imperfect action to get things done

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