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Why to do lists may be hampering your productivity

Honest question: Do you use to-do lists and are they working for you?

When I worked as a project manager, I was really proud of my to-do lists. There was a whole system to it with a master list and smaller lists with cross references. There were digital versions and hard copy versions, just what the project required.

In a word they were glorious and I felt like I was uber organized 💪

There was just one little problem..: My lists didn't seem to help me to move forward.

I never felt like I was doing enough or getting a handle on the things I was working on. And I even felt like the most important things on the list rarely got done.

In this week's podcast episode, I talk about my formed co-dependent relationship on to-do lists and 2 reasons why they don't work.

What you’ll learn in this episode:  

✔️ 2 reasons why classic to-do lists don’t work  

✔️ 2 options to try instead  

✔️ How to get my free training: From stressed to focused  

These days, I rarely make a to-do list. And if I do, it's really not a to-do list at all.

Curious what type of lists I do use and what to do instead of to-do lists to stay focused? Check out the podcast episode below.

009 why to-do lists don’t work and what to do instead | Productive Introvert Community Podcast | The Franker Message
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What's your experience with to-do lists? Leave me a comment below, I'm curious to know! 

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