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Where to start?

Where to start?

P01 Where to start | Building my podcast in 6 weeks with Mariella Franker| The Franker Message

The official first episode is out! (Well, of the pre-podcast series, not the actual podcast yet, we'll cross that bridge in July😆) I'm sharing my process as I build my podcast in 6 weeks.

Today, we're talking about WHERE TO START when you're creating something like a podcast. 

One of the channels I'll be using to share the podcast, is LinkedIn newsletter. The first 10 people signed up for the newsletter in the first 5 minutes and we were already up to 83 when I'm writing this two days later. It's so exciting to know that so many people are interested in the Productive Introvert Community Podcast!

It's a great motivator to keep going and to get this done in the next 6 weeks 😊

When I'm creating something, I like to start my process with the user in mind aka YOU! I ask myself: What do you need to feel supported and how can I help you to make the choices that you want to make?

It's no coincidence that that's the first question on my mind. BUT that isn't necessarily the best place for everyone to start. In this episode, I explain why your starting might be completely different and why that's just right. 

What you'll learn in this 10-minute episode

✅ Where to start when building your podcast

✅ Choosing the channels to share your podcast

✅ Repurposing content for your online business

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