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When you struggle with visibility as an introvert

Visibility is one of the things that the introverts in my community tell me they struggle with the most.

Anything from: "I'm not consistent when it comes to being visible for my business" to "I just don't even wanna do it!"

This is so recognizable! And I’ve had (and still have) my issues with visibility. At several times, I've had anxiety about being visible for my business.

In this episode, I’m taking you a bit along my visibility journey.

From my first company (you’ll be hard pressed to find evidence that I owned that company because I was closer to being INvisible with that company) to now, sharing publicly on YouTube and all the different podcast apps… We're also talking about what you can do to manage anxiety if you struggle with visibility.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

✅ That it's okay to take it slow when it comes to working on your visibility

✅ Why “getting out of your comfort zone” doesn’t work for most introverts or sensitive people

✅ I share a recording of an experience that triggered my anxiety around around visibility at the start of my business

✅ Why small steps matter to manage overwhelm and anxiety

✅ How to bring down anxiety and still take a step

004 When you struggle with visibility as an introvert | Productive Introvert Community Podcast | The Franker Message
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Now, I have a question for you.

What’s a little baby step that you can take around your visibility in a way that still feels comfortable for you?

Is it posting something about your work online?

Or sharing something that you admire about someone else around visibility or how they present themselves?

Or is it telling your neighbor about your business when you get into a conversation?

Leave a comment below and let’s celebrate you taking that baby step together.

Because the size of the step doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is the courage to take that little step.

Have a wonderful flow today,


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