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Welcome fellow innie! You're in the right place :-)

I’m sitting in front of my laptop, staring at a waveform, unsure what to do… (and yes, I did google that word before writing this blog 😆)

You see, 6 weeks ago, I decided that I was going to build a podcast. And although I've been thinking about it for a long time it still feels like I rushed into it a little bit.

(Is that my inner critic talking? Hmm, maybe)

The waveform I’m staring at is the music and audio that I'm going to be using for the podcast intro.

Fortunately, I was smart enough to hire an actual professional to create the music for me but I thought I'd give it a go to overlay my voice on top of the music for the intro. 

A mistake? I will soon find out 🤣

Let me be clear, I think you can basically learn anything you want. It might take some time and some effort but you’re capable of learning just about anything and so much more. 

I started this podcast because a lot of people think that the words "introvert" and "productive" don't really belong in the same sentence.

Obviously, I disagree ;-)

What you'll learn in the next 10 minutes:

✅ Who this podcast is for

✅ Why "introvert" and "productive" do belong in the same sentence together

✅ About work-life balance as an introvert

✅ A bit about my background

Welcome to the Productive Introvert Community Podcast | Coaching and courses for introverts | The Franker Message
Watch the video now

So, I didn't think I was unable to make this intro.

But my inner critic was convinced that I was going to muck this up really badly.

“People will hear that a total amateur did this!” 

“You have plenty of things to do, why are you doing this if you’re going to muck it up anyway?” 

“It’s going to be hideous and the podcast will be a complete failure because the music isn’t right.”

It’s interesting how he exaggerates isn’t it?

That’s like saying that I’m a terrible person because I once forgot an appointment with my best friend (btw, I did forget that appointment and my inner critic did say that I was a terrible person). 

Did it really make me a terrible person? Of course not. My friend forgave me faster than I forgave myself…

My inner critic is just the exaggerating type (as many inner critics are)

But there are ways to tame him.

One way I’ve learned to tame the inner critic is to tell him that this is version 1.0.

If you’ve ever coded anything (I haven’t) or if you’ve ever made 100’s of changes to an article you’re writing and then your computer crashed and you lost your document (I have), then you’re probably familiar with version numbers.

You create a draft, which is version 1.0. Made a small edit? That’s version 1.1, 1.2, and so on. Restructuring or making a big edit? That’s version 2.0 etc.

It’s just one way to tell which version is which and to make sure that you never loose to much data if one of your files becomes corrupted (oooh, my college thesis… 😑)

Why am I telling you this?

Telling my inner critic that this is “just” version 1.0 has a weird effect.



“Oh, okay then.”

It’s so sudden sometimes that it’s shocking…

He just needs to be reassured that this is not a life or death situation. There’s no lion lurking at the edged of my computer screen, ready to pounce as soon as I click “publish”.

Instead, we’re just taking 1 step. Making version 1.0. And we can always update it to version 1.2 or 10.11 somewhere down the line 😉

So, I did give it a go with that podcast intro. The introduction episode with music intro is out now! You can give it a listen below.

You can also find the podcast on your regular podcast app. Just search  for “Productive introvert Community with Mariella Franker, PhD”  and it should pop up. 

What do you think? Is version 1.2 needed asap, or can I get away with this for a little while 🤭

Leave me a comment to let me know 😄

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