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There's what you should do and then there's what works best for you

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Do you ever notice that when you work by yourself you feel very different than when you work with other people, especially when they're more extroverted? Maybe you feel great working by yourself: You have your process, you get into a good flow, you feel balanced and productive. But when you work with other people, it's exhausting. The day runs away from you and you never seem to get done the things that you intended to do. People regularly tell me that they struggle to maintain energy to focus and work in an environment where they're surrounded by extroverts. 

You may feel that you have to keep up with your workmates or even your extroverted family members or friends. That you need to do things at the same energylevel as they seem to have and keep going for the long hours that they seem to keep. We get so caught up in what we should do that we lose sight of why we would do some things at all. There's what you should do - or what you think that others think you should do - and then there's what works best for you.

As introverts, we give energy when we interact with others, so it's very easy to get tired just by going about our day. When we work with other people or when we have other people around us all the time (say like in an unprecedented pandemic-lock down situation...) it's not surprising that many of us constantly feel exhausted.

There are ways to manage this energy drain though: By setting boundaries around your personal energy needs and communicating it with those around you. It may seem daunting at first. Oftentimes because we're not clear on what our energy needs are and how our life could look like when we have them met. The first step is to let go of what we think we should do and to start listening to ourselves a bit more. Because when you don't set boundaries around your energy other people, in effect, decide where your energy goes.

Wishing you a lovely flow today,


PS. If you're interested to know how making the mini-course is going, here's an update for you on that.

For this course, I'm also letting go of what I thought I should do. Most people who make online courses will tell you to add some kind of time pressure so people are more inclined to buy whatever it is you're selling. I tried that version. Not only did it not work (I sold zero course spots for full disclosure) it also didn't feel quite right for me. As effective as those methods can be, I've always been more the type who wants to take pressure away rather than add it. So, this time I'm doing the exact opposite.

Over the next 4 weeks, my mini-course is going in pre-sale and it will be released on October 11th. I'm going to share a bit of my process for making this course with you and on my social media channels. I'm going to do all of this in my usual 24 hours workweek or less, because I split my time almost equally between work, spending time with my son and husband, and self-care (and I don't want to change that). I'm also not going to increase the price of the course after pre-sale and I'm not going to add any time pressure to buy. The course will be for sale for at least a year and once you buy it you have lifetime access.

The course is all about how to keep your energy up so you can do focused work and achieve the things you want to achieve, as this is the #1 most voted topic that people struggle with as introverts. The course costs €199,-. The price won't increase after pre-sale ends and a 6-month payment plan is available to lower the monthly cost. 

You can read more about it here.


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