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Staying focused: About taking time to reflect

Staying focused: About taking time to reflect

Many introverts feel like they're overthinking things all the time.

Not taking action quickly enough because you're in our head too much. Missing opportunities because you don't feel ready to grab them yet.

Does that sound like you? It was me for a long time.

What I've learned is that self-reflection is a key part of an introvert's natural process. We NEED to go through this process to make decisions (we can be proud of!) and to formulate our thoughts and ideas (and take action on them!)

So, stop fighting your self-reflection process and make space for it instead...

And the rest will follow.

In today's episode, I share a practice that has allowed me to make so much more space for self-reflection and to stay focused on my goals. Spending as little as 5 minutes each day on my morning reflections has quite dramatically changed my life!

Oh, and this also works if you're not a morning person 😉

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How about you? Do you feel like you have enough time for self-reflection?

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Mariella Franker, PhD | The productivity coach for introverts

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