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Start where you are

Start where you are

We’re always comparing ourselves to others, wondering why other people are doing things so much quicker, better, and bigger than we are.

When I was getting ready to build my first podcast, I felt overwhelmed.

Podcasts are huge right now. The number of podcasts released has been growing for years and the pandemic gave an extra boost with so many sitting at home looking for new ways to learn and to share.

All around me, I saw podcasts coming out like a well-oiled machine, receiving thousands of downloads in the first week.

I thought that if I couldn’t match that, then it wasn’t a podcast.

What I forgot though, is that most if those people I saw are 10, 20 years further than where I am. They have many more resources and sometimes an entire marketing team behind their podcast.

I am just about to celebrate my 2-year business anniversary. And still a solo-entrepreneur.

I’ve also worked 3 days a week on my business from the start to make space for loads if quiet time and family fun. So, of course, progress is going to be a little slower. I choose that deliberately.

It’s really unfair to compare myself to entrepreneurs who are 10 years down the line from where I am and who may or may not make different choices depending on their lifestyle and circumstances.

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We only see the highlight when we look from the outside. Not the effort and time that was spent working up to that point.

In this podcast episode, we’re talking about why starting where YOU are is so important in any stage of your business (and life!)

What you’ll learn in this episode:

✅ What caused me to feel overwhelmed when starting this podcast

✅ Being mindful of who your comparing yourself with (and why it’s unfair to compare)

✅ Why starting where you are is so important whether you’re trying to make a change business, learn a new habit, or find a healthier work-life balance.

Watch the video now

Starting where YOU are is so important in any stage of your business (and life!)

Whether you’re trying to start a business, change your habits, or find a healthier work-life balance.

Start where you are and be mindful of your context. The things that are going on in your life right now. The choices you’re making. The lifestyle that you want to have.

And just take one small step.

I wonder what you’ll look back at 10 years from now 🤗

Do you ever get stuck because you're comparing yourself to others? Leave me a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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