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Making changes in the new year

Making changes in the new year

This may be a controversial opinion: I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions.

Granted, a new start can give an incredible boost in motivation. A new calendar year, a new quarter, the start of a new week. Sometimes it’s just that little bit of extra juice we need to start moving. If the new year is one of the things that gives you a motivation boost, then grab onto that and use it.

But be aware: don't leave it on the page as a resolution.

In this episode we'll talk about getting started after the holidays and some changes that I'm making in 2023. 

The coming year, I’m bringing more minimalism and 80/20 principle into my life and my business. Listen to this week's episode for examples of how I'm doing this in my business and in my home. 

Watch the video now (or listen on Spotify)

Now back to you.

What's a change that you want to make this year?

Share with us in the comments below. 

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