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If you struggle with ups and downs

If you struggle with ups and downs

My toddler didn’t want to put on his slippers to go outside this morning.

In the span of 10 minutes, I went from that “minor incident” to a full blown “What am I going to do with my life?”

Wow, that escalated fast 😅

In short: I was having a bad bad day (insert Despicable me opening scene here) when I recorded this week’s podcast episode.

I used to think…, no hope.., no yearn for the day that ups and downs would become a non-issue for me. That I could quite frankly flip them off in my rear view mirror.

I searched the depths of the internet and devoured countless ×-habits of uber successful people lists and video’s in search of the answer. Only to hear time after time that it doesn’t go away.

The fears, the doubts, imposter syndrome, visibility issues, triggers, the ups and downs in business and in life. They don’t ever really go away.

Depressing right..?

Here’s the good news though: They may not go away but you can learn to manage them so it’s less overwhelming.

Right now that may sound like a thank-you-for-participating consolation prize that all the losers get. But chin up. This is good news. Good news indeed.

Learning to navigate ups and downs is what builds resilience. And resilience is what we need to handle pretty much anything in life.

008 If you struggle with ups and downs | Productive Introvert Community Podcast | The Franker Message
Think about learning to ask yourself a few simple questions that allow you to move through circumstantial ups and downs 10 times faster, doesn’t that sound like really good news? It does to me.

Give this week’s episode of Productive Introvert Community Podcast a listen to hear more about 2 things that can help you to manage ups and downs.

❗Heads up❗I talk about mental health issues and my sweaty armpits in this episode… so if you’re not ready for that, feel free to skip this one 😉

In this episode you’ll learn:

✅ Why you should stop feeling bad about your ups and downs

✅ About mental health issues and asking for help

✅ 2 things to help you manage ups and downs

Watch the video now

You see, everyone has ups and downs. Getting triggered by minor events is more common than you think. Your neighbor has it and the person you look up to online has it too. So, if you’re going through something like this right now, you’re not alone 🤗

Leave me a ❤️ below if this resonates with you.

Wishing you a peaceful flow today,

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