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I was wrong

I was wrong

2+2=5 | Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash

I admit it. I was wrong. About a couple of things actually.

I hesitated to write that down. Admitting we were wrong, is one of the hardest things to do. Why is that? If you're like me, a couple of worst-case scenarios have already flashed through your mind. Anything from someone pointing at you and laughing to no one ever taking you seriously ever again and the sky falling on your head.

Over the past year, I had to admit to myself that I was wrong - on several occasions actually. And every time, I was waiting for that crashing sound (of the sky falling). But nothing happened. Annoyingly nothing in a matter of fact 😆 

So, I decided to come clean with myself. Obviously, there are many lessons that I’m learning along the way, but here are 2 things that I was wrong about last year.

Changing when I sent my weekly email to my mailing list from Tuesday to Saturday was the right thing to do.
The beta course that I was going to launch and that I was sure would fill a great need would be a raving success.

How do I know I was wrong? Simple: The data told me.

When I sent my email on Saturday instead of Tuesday, fewer people opened it. We all have things to do and most of my audience doesn’t have time for my email on Saturday. Fair enough!

As for the course, even simpler: No one signed up. Simple enough, right 😂

Yes, I completely admit that it's embarrassing. I spent months preparing and 6 weeks talking only about the course. I wrote 10+ emails and even more social posts, I spoke about it in my Facebook group and with people individually. I made a huge fuss and no one wanted it (turns out it's more common than you think). 

There was a time that I might not have shared this with you. And there are plenty of people in the online space that will tell you to keep that little bit of information to yourself. But that's not me. I talk about things that may be uncomfortable at the moment. I choose to because I believe that we learn the most valuable lessons when we're honest with ourselves. What works, what doesn't work, it takes practice to find your sweet spot. 

Most of what we see, especially online, are the highlights of people's lives. We think that other people are faster, better, more capable, more well-spoken, more connected, more everything because we don't see the years of failures and “back to the drawing board” that came before the highlight. And we start to believe that we can't do great things because we're struggling right now.

So, I don't believe in failure anymore. Like Marie Forleo says: “I win or I learn, but I never lose.”

Have a wonderful flor today,

After last year's experiences, I went back to the drawing board 😉 and I’m exploring something new this year. Each month, I’m giving a 1-hour masterclass. The goal of the masterclasses is to give you the knowledge and the tools to discover what you need to be productive in a natural way. 

The first masterclass From stressed to focused with a simple daily practice was amazing. I’ve seldom felt so energized after speaking in public and I’m already getting requests for new masterclasses! (Could this be a sweet spot in the making 😉?) 

The next masterclass is on March 3. We’ll talk about the 3 things you need to take intentional action (and why relying purely on motivation doesn’t work). You can read more and sign up here for free.


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