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I took some time off. How dare you! (That's my inner critic talking)

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I took some time off. How dare you! (That's my inner critic talking) Giving myself permission to take time off right now was halfway between feeling like it was a luxury I couldn't afford and a dire need. I didn't feel like I could take time off at this stage in my business because there is sooo much to do, but, with a lot of exciting stuff coming up (I'll let you know what those are soon!), I figured that this was as good a time as any.

If you've read my blog from last time, you'll probably know that the week was filled with sun, dirt, and plenty of worms. So all in all a pretty great week 😆 There was a downside to it though: My brain exploded.

I became an emotional wreck for a couple of days straight. It's like my brain had been holding on to all these things, patiently waiting for me to have a moment. And when I finally slowed down, BAM, all of it came crashing to the surface. It's been a long time since I've felt so weepy, so frustrated and so angry. Ughh..

At first, this of course only further annoyed me. I don't have time for this! I'm supposed to be enjoying my holiday dammit!

But what goes in, must come out...

Sometimes we ask so much of ourselves. We want to be there for our family, our friends, we want to build our business, serve our audience, we also think of taking care of our body physically. Our mental care is a bit more difficult to navigate. Add on top of that that my innie reacts to stimuli very strongly and you basically get a brain explosion.

There's a lot of emotion that comes with pushing myself. For a long time, I really didn't like this part of me. Was it because of the constant prodding in my childhood: "Don't be so sensitive", "You should be more flexible" and similar well-meaning advice? For years, I did everything I could to ignore this part of me. I spent a lot of energy to make sure that my work and my emotions were carefully shielded from each other.

But I've come to accept that this isn't about work and it isn't just about emotions. It's about me as a person. And I'm not just one thing. Yes, it's challenging when you're doing something you've never done before. When there is no real blueprint for what you're trying to achieve. And we're all human and so we feel.

I'm happy that I took that week off for many reasons. One of the reasons is THAT I experienced this while my business is so young. I'm learning a valuable lesson to not wait to give myself space to deal with the emotion of all of these things. I'm learning that it's even more important for me to set up my business in a way that I can give myself this space. And I'm learning to accept myself, warts and emotional outbursts and all.. ❤️

Have a wonderful flow today,

This year, I'm exploring something new. I'll be giving masterclasses to give you different ideas and the practical tools you need to be naturally productive. 

The first masterclass "From stressed to focused with a simple daily practice" was amazing! 15 people signed up and 5 joined me live on the call. There were some great questions (and suggestions from those on the call too!) to help bring the content to life. It makes me so happy!! You can still get the recording of that masterclass here. It'll be up for a month (until the next masterclass).

Curious what the next masterclass is about? Read more about it on this page. The next masterclass is on March 3. 


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