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How to set yourself up for success in your business

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When you're starting out with something new, it can feel daunting. Even more today when you can basically invent a job and make money with little more than a laptop and a wifi connection. From what to eat for breakfast to which design to choose for your one-off personalized sneakers, the options are endless. If you are just starting your business you may not know where to start. Sure, you have some idea of what you will do with this business, and now what? I started my first business four years ago and I can tell you, I did not go willingly. It was a shove from a friend that finally got me going and out of the procrasti-learning phase I had been stuck in for almost a year.

Now that I'm setting up my second business, the process is much smoother and much more intentional. I sat down to write this email and I wondered: What changed? What am I doing now that makes such a difference? I realized that back then, I was also eager to learn, but I learned frantically. I spent hours searching online basically trying to find the answer to the question: How to be an entrepreneur. It was the wrong question entirely. It all shifted for me when I started asking the right questions. Now, when I started my new business least year, I didn't suddenly know all the right questions to ask. But I did learn and I learned from the right mentors.

I've been fortunate to have been in the same room as some who were at the top of their field and who everyone looked to eagerly what they were going to do next. Somehow, I couldn't soak up their genius. As much as I tried to follow their example and even got to work personally with some of them, it didn't stick. Why were they not the right mentors for me? Because they didn't resonate with me personally. They represented an unattainable ideal that wasn't connected to me as a real person. The effect was that I felt inferior. Stupid. Ignorant. Unworthy. Sounds dramatic? It was.

I realize now that we learn most when we feel good about learning and finding the right mentors is essential. It may sound silly, but if you don't feel a connection with the person you learn from, learning becomes much more difficult. People always say to think back to who your favorite teacher was in school. It wasn't necessarily the one who was the best at their craft, but it was usually the one who connected with you and excited you about the subject.

I realize now that we learn most when we feel good about learning

So, are you just starting or moving to the next phase in your business? Find yourself mentors that resonate with you. It's okay to be choosy when it comes to who you learn from. There is so much knowledge out there and there is someone out there who speaks your language.

Your mentors don't have to be people you actually know. Many of my mentors are virtual: they are writers of books that moved me or youtube personalities that inspire me. Whoever resonates with you and gets you excited about working on your business, learn from them.

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