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Happily balancing on a toy car while lifting a laundry basket overhead

Child playing with toy boat | Image by Soraya Irving on Unsplash

As the lockdown situation continues and evolves around the world, I am still mostly at home with my family. Still, the simplest things can give you inspiration. Like when I was watching my toddler the other day. 

He was balancing on his toy car while lifting a laundry basket about twice his size over his head and happily chattering to himself. He was almost falling off the car but didn't care one bit. Like he had forgotten all about the previous day when he did actually fall off. It was 7 a.m. My husband and I were sitting there with bags under our eyes (it had been one of those nights), eating breakfast and mentally preparing for the day. I said to him: "How is it that young kids can be up half the night and still always be so chipper?" Later I started to think about this. Of course kids aren't chipper all the time, no one is. But whatever is going on, they always seem to completely immerse themselves in it. And I wondered: Could we approach our work this way as adults too? 

When was the last time you completely immersed yourself in what you were doing? Maintaining focus is one of the topics that I get a lot of questions about. Instinctively, we feel that we need to be able to focus if we want to be productive. But it is still so hard to do in reality, because we get distracted all the time. By looking at what other people are doing too much, by what's going on on our phones, our favorite Netflix series or even our own thoughts of past and hypothetical future experiences. We're rarely doing just 1 thing right now.

Your attention is valuable. Treat it that way.

As an introvert who is easily overstimulated, focusing on 1 thing right now has made a massive difference for me. I've learned that focus is a skill, just like drawing or writing. It's something that can be trained. You are not born with focus. You are also not born distracted. Especially now that we are online even more than we used to be, distraction can be a real killer to your productivity. It's crowded out there in the online space and the common way to be noticed is to be bigger and louder. So, ads are more flashy, social media is more enticing, cliffhangers are more... cliffy.. I guess. 

Everyone is begging for your attention. Because your attention is valuable. It's time we realize it ourselves. So let's spend our attention on things that really matter to us.

Wishing you a lovely flow today,



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