Final episode: Can you build a podcast in 6 weeks? | The Franker Message
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Final episode: Can you build a podcast in 6 weeks?

Final episode: Can you build a podcast in 6 weeks? | Building my podcast for introverted entrepreneurs in 6 weeks | The Franker Message

Week 6 is here!!

At the end of each project, I always ask myself 2 questions:
  1. Did we reach our goal? (Or in this case: Can you really build a podcast in 6 weeks?)
  2. How was the ride? 😆

These past 6 weeks have flown by.

Not everything went according to plan and I’ve learned SO many lessons from this experiment.

I’ll dedicate an entire episode later on to talk about the lessons I’ve learned in these 6 weeks…

But for now, I’m celebrating (and taking some time off at the end of the week 😁) because


Productive Introvert Community Podcast with Mariella Franker, PhD is out now!

You can already find it on Spotify and Apple podcast and it will be on Google Podcast, Amazon and Stitcher soon.

So, please celebrate with me and follow the podcast on your favorite platform.

And if you prefer video to audio, I got you covered, because I’ll continue to publish the coming episodes on YouTube as well!

This is the last episode of the pre-podcast series: Building my podcast in 6 weeks. But it’s not goodbye.

Every Thursday, I’ll release a new episode.

Every week, I’ll choose 1 topic around being an introverted entrepreneur, combining life with your business, the lessons along the way, and questions I’m getting from my clients.

So, if you’re an introvert who feels deep down that you can add more value to the world and you want to know how to really thrive in your work, then follow the podcast now and let’s take the next few steps on this journey together 🤗

What you’ll learn in the next 10 minutes:

✅ Can you really build a podcast in 6 weeks?

✅ One of the lessons I learned

✅ What’s next

Watch the video now

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