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Do you wish you had superpowers sometimes?

Do you wish you had superpowers sometimes?

I wish I could say that I'm a superwoman. That all of this is super easy and I'm flying every single day. That's definitely not true.

People have been saying really nice things about me recently like: "You're so brave to do what you do." "You must have some special quality." Okay, in all honesty, I've never been great with compliments. I tend to brush over compliments way faster than I do criticism, and I'm working on that. But something struck me about those comments. As lovely as they were, they made it seem like I drank some of that special juice we're all always looking for. That special juice that will instantly turn us into the fearless hero we always wished we could be, a confident, competent master of whatever we set our mind to.

Reality is not that pretty. It's messy. It's trying and f* up. It's getting frustrated... and then trying again... It's working at something for years before anyone actually sees anything, so they think you've miraculously conjured it overnight.

I wish I could say that I'm a superwoman. That I never get tired or overstep my own energy boundaries. That I'm never short with my son or my spouse after a long day. Or that I don't want to crawl under the covers sometimes and let the world pass me by. But we don't need to be that superhero and at the same time we already are. By showing up every day. For our work, for our families, for ourselves. Taking one small step every day to spread a bit of joy.

Don't worry if not every day goes as you want it to. No matter how much you think you achieved or didn't achieve today, I want to say thank you. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for spreading a little joy in your own way.



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