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Do you talk to your brain?

Do you talk to your brain?

Do you talk to your brain? (Trus me, it's not weird to do that 😆). "Okay, the introduction page for the mini-course is done. So, what's next?" (That's me talking to my brain btw 😆)

For some of you, starting with the introduction page is perfectly logical, but I also have a bunch of people in my online community that think this is backward. It's actually not.

Begin with the end in mind - Stephen Covey.

This is the most important piece of advice you can get when you're working any project. Whether you're a doer or a dreamer, goal-oriented or process-minded, knowing where we want to go is what gets us there. The human brain is a problem-solving machine. (Better than a machine actually, but for lack of a better term right now) Quite simply: If your brain has a problem to solve, it will try to solve it. It's why we keep thinking of that thing that person said the other day. Or why we keep coming back to that project that felt just a bit unfinished. 

We usually don't explicitly ask our brain to find a solution. That seems a bit weird. But really it's not. When you ask yourself a question out loud, after a while, you'll likely have an idea. It may be a couple of hours, a day, or a couple of weeks later, but an idea will come - after your brain has combed through all the available knowledge in there and made some connections you couldn't see before. With practice, it becomes easier to formulate the questions that help you move forward and to grab on to the little nudges your brain gives.

Here's how I'm working it out for making the mini-course:

❔ What's the end I have in mind? I would love for people to sign up for the course so I can help them with their energy management.
❔ What do people need to sign up for the course? I need to give them a way to decide if it's right for them and they need a way to physically sign up.
👉 The introduction page does both those things. 
✔️ Done in 1 week, bringing together text prep work and recording & editing videos.

What do I need now? 

❔ What else do people need to sign up for the course? They need to know the page is there so that they CAN decide if it's the right thing for them.
👉 Tell people about the course. This means preparing social content for the next 5 weeks, talking about it on social media, talking about it to the people I know, and sitting down to write 4 weeks of emails to my mailing list (I wrote them in a block of 2 hours, this is one of them).
✔️ Done in about 8 hours spread over 3 days.

What's next?

❔ If people know about the course and they can make the decision to sign up, what do they need then? 
👉 They need a way to take the course. Yay! Now I get to focus on creating the course content which is the thing I love most. Getting all the other stuff out of the way also means that I now have made a lot of space in my calendar and in my mind to focus on the content.
⭕ I'm going to work on it for the next couple of weeks. I'll let you know how it's going 😊

What question is your brain currently pondering?

Wishing you a lovely flow today,



I'm so grateful that two people have already signed up for the mini-course 🤗🙏 Energy management for ambitious introverts is in pre-sale now and it's all about keeping your energy up so you can do focused work and achieve the things you want to achieve. This is the #1 most voted topic that people struggle with as introverts. The course costs €199,- and there's a payment plan available that comes to about €1.1 a day (less than a cup of coffee these days). You can read more about it here.

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