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Do you ever think that what you do isn't special at all?

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Someone contacted me on LinkedIn the other day. I didn't know him and we hadn't had any contact previously. He wanted me to be an affiliate for their company that designs planning software. I understand the reasoning: I do something with productivity, so a planning software must be up my alley.

I'm usually a bit weary when people approach me on social media. I spent months debating with myself if I should accept friendship or connection requests from people I don't know. My first instinct was absolutely not! Especially now that I'm sharing more online, there's the constant struggle between wanting to stay hidden and sharing only with my inner circle and the inevitable "burden" that comes with being the face of my business. I decided to go with an in between solution. I'm open to it, but I usually take a look at people's profile and strike up a conversation first to get a sense of what that person's about.

Anyway, back to the guy on LI. So, I accepted his request to link and sent him a message thanking him for reaching out but that I wasn't interested in being an affiliate for them. He pressed on with a promo price. So, I had to get really clear. I explained again that I wasn't interested and that I was declining his offer. Not because his offer wasn't good perse, but because I didn't know their software. I've never used it. Why would I recommend something to my community that I've never used myself and that I'm not convinced would help them? I would never be an affiliate for something I didn't completely believe in. He was perfectly nice about it and we left it there on good terms.

Later it dawned on me that I didn't immediately think that I would need to explain such a thing. It's completely logical to me, so others must think the same way right? Not necessarily.

I see it all the time too with introverts I work with while training with my mentor. Like my friend who is amazing at organizing things. She takes up an enormous amount of detail and can then just works out a highly detailed plan. Details like what works for different people around her and what needs to be in place for them to do their work well. In one example, she sat down an afternoon and worked out a step-by-step template for her and her colleagues. Although there were several templates available, her colleagues would recommend hers because it was the most accurate and it immediately helped the entire team to work more efficiently. When asked about it, at first she said "My plans never work out", because her inner critic was rearing it's head. But as we delved deeper into this example she realized that it comes so natural for her that she didn't think it was special at all. She didn't realize that she saw things that other people didn't and how much value it added to her and her team mates.

Have a wonderful flow today,

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