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A change is coming

A change is coming

Productive Introvert Community podcast with Mariella Franker | Coming July 2022

It was Sunday evening. My best friend and I were on the phone catching up and catching our breath from the work week and socializing on the weekends. She just started a new job where she was now managing not 1 but 2 teams in separate locations in the bustling heart of Amsterdam. And I just closed the pilots of my new coaching program and am getting ready to launch a new podcast.

(If you want to know more about what's going on with the podcast, follow me on YouTube or Instagram)

"Oh, it's like we're not busy enough or something... Let's just add this on top of the pile!" We laughed so hard.

Because, you see, we choose all these things deliberately. She could have stayed at her old job but she wanted a new challenge. And I could have postponed my podcast to next year but I was all fired up to about it. So, we went for it!

We both have quiet natures. But a quiet nature doesn't mean that you're not ambitious. It doesn't mean that you're shy. Or that you're meant to be invisible. And it doesn't mean that you don't know what you want.

If you were in my Facebook group (now closed) or if you've been to one of my master classes recently, you know that I'm very transparent and open about my process and the details of how I'm setting up my company. I'm may not always be the first to speak but, when I share, I'm completely honest about what worked and what didn't. Some of you have shared with me how valuable it has been to you to see me talk about all these things. (I also overshare sometimes but that's just part of the process 😂)

So, I've decided to also share my process with you as I build the new podcast.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to share what I'm working on and why a few times a week. What's working and what's not and the lessons I'm learning.

My weapon of choice this time will be YouTube. I'll make short on-the-fly video's and tell you exactly what I'm doing that day and the results that I'm getting until the podcast comes out in July.

And you can already subscribe to the channel. There's nothing in there yet about the podcast **under construction** 😆

I'll add the first video to share my process next week and, when it's out in July, the podcast episodes will also be there in video format if you love video.

If you prefer audio, you can find the podcast on all the usual podcast channels in July (I'll send you over the links when it's ready).

Wish me luck!

And I wish you a wonderful flow today 😊

PS. The masterclass on June 9 is still happening. We're talking about what it takes to start (and keep) a new habit. 

If you want just the free masterclass, sign up here. You'll also get the recording afterward.

We all want to have a healthy lifestyle and a good work-life balance and we know that having good habits helps us to do those things. But our good habits never seem to stick and we fall back in old routines after a while. In this masterclass, I'll share how I dramatically changed my diet for a healthy lifestyle (and what I'd do differently!). We'll talk about the science behind habits and how you can easily change your habits to change your life.

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