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Can you train focus?

Can you train focus?

In the past couple of years, I’ve tried a lot of different things to get my online business off the ground:

  • hosted a private Facebook group - and closed the group after a year -
  • weekly video’s incl. mini-trainings in that group
  • appeared on several podcasts and shows (including MarieTV. Yes, I’m particularly psyched about that one 😆)
  • introduced a big group program that 0 people signed up for
  • introduced a small online course that 2 people joined in the first round
  • coached about a dozen people privately
  • started a podcast
  • wrote 100s of blogs and guest articles
  • trained as a coach and I’m about to receive my accreditation 🙌


Some of these were “successful” and others not so much…

(Judging by conventional standards, of course). But with every step that I took, I learned so much. Every step taught me (some unexpected things) about what feels right for my business and what next steps I need to take.

In business and in life, you’ll arrive at crossroads and you’ll need to course-correct.

002 Can you train focus? | Productive Introvert Community Podcast | The Franker Message

Do you ever have that feeling of arriving at a crossroads?

Like something isn't quite right anymore? Or that you’re itching to do something new?

For me, it shows up as feeling a bit frantic and unfocused. It's when I start putting off work or looking for things to keep "busy" rather than doing the things that are important.

A strong sign is that I haven't enjoyed the things I'm doing on a daily basis for too many days in a row.

That's when I know I've lost focus.

In this week’s podcast episode, we’re talking about focus.

What does it mean to be focused on something? And is it one of those things that you just have or don’t have or can it be trained?

What you’ll learn in this 20-minute episode:

✅ Why it’s not strange that so many of us struggle with focus

✅ Finding focus in your work and on a daily basis

✅ Why not everyone has a clear image of where they want to go, and that’s okay!

✅ Can focus be trained?

✅ Finding what works for you

Watch the video now

Focus is an essential part of being productive.

Reaching a goal isn't like shooting an arrow: You aim once, let it fly, and hope for the best.

It's more like captaining a ship: You have your compass, you know which direction you want to go. But the tides are gonna push you, the winds are gonna play up, and you may even get lost.

You constantly have to check your compass and course-correct to stay on track (and sometimes you’ll change your destination too).

I'm in the process of course correcting again right now.

For me, that's simplifying. Letting go of things that might be good on paper but that just don't click for me. And, instead, putting more energy into the things that do click (even if I can't see the destination just yet 😉)

You can find this week’s podcast episode on my website or on your favorite podcast app to hear more.

I find that one of the best ways to decide what to do next is to think about the lessons from the last chapter before your start writing the next one.

And in this month’s masterclass, I want to do that with you.

In the masterclass, I’m going to talk about the lessons I learned from building the podcast in 6 weeks.

The masterclass will go beyond the share my process episodes that I sent you before. We’ll go in more detail and it will be a case example of how to channel your creativity and still get something done in a small(ish) block of time.

Join the masterclass for free on this page. You can join me live on August, 11 at 10:30 CET and you’ll also get access to the recording for a month to rewatch or if you can’t join live.

What’s your compass telling you right now? Is it time for you to course-correct?

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