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Am I settling for something I don't want just because it seems easier?

Dentist holding tools | Photo by Yusuf Belek on Unsplash

I went to the dentist the other day (I know my life is absolutely fabulous 😆). Don't worry, there won't be anything grueling in here involving a drill. It was just a check-up and it was actually just fine. But that was the thing. It was fine - at best -. One might argue that it was less than fine. Okay, I'm not living in some fantasy world where we all skip down to the dentist whistling our favorite tune. Going to the dentist is one of those musts we can't really get around if we want healthy teeth. But still, does it have to be fine (at best)?

After waiting for 20 minutes after the time of my appointment, I was sitting in the chair. She was just jumping into her third story in our short session when I started to go over a check list of all the reasons why I should look for another dentist. Maybe I could find one who doesn't leave almost every patient waiting for 20 mins (I'm usually not the only one in the waiting room). One who doesn't ask me questions while her hands are in my mouth and then waits for me to answer (while keeping her hands in my mouth..?!) One who doesn't spray water over my face with the water spraying thingy several times in one session without so much as a pardon me. Hell, in an ideal world, I could find a dentist who actually makes me feel comfortable, because, let's be honest, going to the dentist can be stressful enough. Oh, and one that doesn't send me an invoice for over a hundred euros for a teeth cleaning "per 5 minutes" while she was yakking away half the time about her coworkers instead of doing said teeth cleaning would also be nice.

But almost immediately I thought: Ugh, finding another dentist is such a drag, though. Maybe I can just suck it up, I only come here once a year or so. Why was I instantly scurrying back? Am I settling for something I don't want because it seems easier than the alternative?

Now that I've written this all out, it seems ridiculous. Why are you still going to this dentist, I hear you saying, it's obvious that you should change!

But we do this all the time. Talking ourselves out of what we know deep down is the right thing for us. We take the assignment we find utterly boring because we need the money. We again work with the client we've had bad experiences with because we're afraid to say no. We keep working on fumes because we "just can't afford to take time off".

Staying put may seem easier than the alternative, but is it really easier in the long run? 

Will it be easier for me to go to my next appointment knowing what's waiting for me? Will it be easier for me when I take my toddler for his first visit when I'm dreading going myself? Yikes... I'm dialing the number for a new dentist right now 😆

Have a wonderful flow today,

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