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About the final round of Energy management for ambitious introverts

This year, I’m teaching the course Energy management for ambitious introverts for the last time.

In this week's podcast episode, I'll tell you more about who this course is for and what makes it different from some of the things that you might have learned before?

What you'll learn:

✅ Who this course is for

✅ Why most of what we learn isn't tailored to the introvert's natural process

✅ Why this is the last time I'm offering this course

Watch the video now

Throughout my life there were times, when I felt that I wasn't cut out for certain roles or for like professional working life in general because I couldn't keep up with all that I felt was expected of me.

It's like trying to fit around peg into a square hole. And I was watching my son trying to do that the other day. And the frustration , it's like looking in a, into a little mirror 😂

A lot of the things we learn in our professional lives, and sometimes also as kids growing up, they don't really match the natural style of introverts. Although things are slowly shifting, many “normal” procedures are geared more towards an extrovert's natural style.

(Think of every time a child is labelled as shy when they prefer to observe rather than join in the conversation or the classical introduction round at a typical networking meeting)

I later learned that a big reason why I felt like I wasn’t “cut out” for the jobs I did, had to do with a mismatch between the way that I was doing my work and my introverted personality.

When I learned more about my needs as an introvert and started to adopt systems and habits that support my personality and personal goals, everything changed.

In this course, I’m sharing the things that have really helped me and that are helping my clients to let go of all the “shoulds” and instead take care of their energy needs.

This will be the last time that I offer this course as a stand alone option. If you’re ready to take better care of your energy, then I would love to have you in this final cohort.

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