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Stand still for a bit... and look around...

Stand still for a bit... and look around...

Preparing to write in my notebook | Mariella Franker, PhD

It's Sunday morning. Sunday's are usually when I write my weekly email. I sit on the porch in front of my little office cabin with a French press coffee and a snack, and I write. 

Writing is something that comes easily to me and, over the years, I've honed this skill. I used to write all the time growing up: Short stories about mermaids and the like. It's a shame I didn't keep them. But the memories are there. Mostly about how I felt when I was writing. I could leave everything behind and immerse myself in this other world. Where that world would take me I never knew when I started but, somehow, I always knew when I'd arrived.

The past months, and the past weeks especially, I've been stretching myself. Trying a lot of new things and falling flat on my face with some of them. Sitting on my little porch again this morning, I feel grateful. The initial excitement and stress of the past weeks has settled and I can now ground myself again. But I had to fight the urge to keep steaming ahead.

In my email last week, I told you about how no one joined the course I was convinced was going to change lives. And my head was filled to the brim with plans of how to 'rectify my mistake' and how to throw myself out there even harder so that everyone would see just how 'strong I am to keep going'.

But my body and my mind were tired. I learned a lot these weeks and now I had to let those lessons settle. Running past them and throwing myself into it even harder would only push me into depletion - I know, because I've done it numerous times before -.

Sometimes the best way to keep moving is to stand still for a bit... and look around...

So, I left all the messages. I left all the grand plans. And I forgave myself for leaving all those people waiting.

On my little porch today, I'm regrouping and I'm giving space to my innie to dissipate the nervous energy that comes with so much stimulation. French press in hand, I'm ready to write the next chapter of my journey.

Wishing you a wonderful flow today,

In the next masterclass on April 7, we're talking about streamlining your writing process. This is a requested topic and is also a practical example of the things we talked about around taking action. I'll share my own process (that helps me to write a weekly blog and all my social media content while developing programs and masterclasses in 24 hours a week or less) and, more importantly, what you can do to discover and streamline your writing process.


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